Choosing The Right Style


  • Heat 
  • Marking 
  • Light incontinence 
  • Toilet training 
  • Travel accidents 
  • Female dog incontinence (with Super Absorb insert) 
  • Cover ups for male dog desexing surgery as a cone alternative 

Belly Bands 

  • Male urinary incontinence
  • Female dexesing surgery cover up as a cone alternative  

All In Ones

  • Overnight Use 
  • Incontinence urine 
  • Incontinence fecal 
  • Senior Pets  
Can be used for Heat, Marking, Light incontinence, Toilet training and Travel accidents but  Dundies® Snappies are more ideal for these uses. 

For dogs on heat, most Dundies dog nappy users find one snappie and an additional three pack of traditional inserts is ideal to manage their female dogs season. For complete urine incontinence and to maximise coverage, we recommend using a Dundies all in one nappy. These nappies can be used overnight without requiring changing.